Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Protein Treatment (pt 1)

It's late but I just couldn't go to sleep without at least putting a little something down about my "project". I've been contemplating doing a protein treatment after watching Richeau (Empress Ri) and Taren916 post about their experiences on YouTube (yes, I said I was a YouTube junkie!) Well, I bought the Aphogee 2-Step treatment almost a couple weeks back but just now was brave enough to try it. After seeing how crazy it looks (and about how bad it smells) I was none too enthused, but figured if it could help strengthen my hair then what the heck!

My little adventure actually started last night when I shampooed my hair. I used Suave Clarifying shampoo because I needed my hair to be thoroughly clean, as per instructions on the Aphogee treatment. I don't miss the feeling of stripped hair, although it was clean, it just felt weird! But clean lol!
My hair was ROUGH!!
With shampoo, detangled w/ Denman
After Shampoo

My Hair!
I did a video showing this stage but I'm still trying to get over my nerves...something about watching myself on video is strange and I'm not real sure about editing either.  But I used my handy dandy shower comb and my new Denman D83 brush to detangle so that was pretty cool.  I must say, although I love the ability to detangle a larger section of hair at a time, the balls on the end of the teeth can be rough on your hair.  I experienced that a few times while detangling, so I think I'll use the shower comb first, and then follow with the Denman, carefully!  That's all I can muster tonight, but I will add the remainder of my protein treatment experience tomorrow.

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