Friday, January 6, 2012

Goal Setting (among other things) in 2012

I usually try to at least THINK about what I want to accomplish for the next year by Christmas...this year I seem to be having a bit of a late start lol!  So many great things, unimaginable things, awesomely exciting things happened to me in the latter half of 2011 that I have to say THANK YOU LORD for...I know I'm blessed :)  From starting this blog, to doing the photo shoot, to writing for, to attending my first BIG natural hair event as a VIP blogger, to meeting SO MANY gorgeous naturals AND making connections to last a lifetime...2011 was good to me!

Because I experienced so much positivity in 2011 surrounding This Hair of Mine, I know I have to aim big for 2012.  And by aim, I really mean set goals because things don't just happen on their own.  I know I have to open my mouth and speak certain things into existence, or at least my intentions, and BELIEVE in my capability to achieve them.  I am very much an Aquarius and sometimes (well ALL the time) I find myself making lists and spreadsheets to make sure I keep the most important things in front of me.  I plan on taking better care of myself first...if I can't get and keep it together there's not going to be much going for me with this blog!  In 2010 I made a tremendous effort to get healthy, lose weight, and build confidence...I am proud to say I achieved all of those, however, I was not able to stay on track through 2011.  I fell off the wagon...HARD...I'm talking I haven't seen the inside of my gym in months AND I gained back almost everything that I worked my ass off to lose.  2012 is not going to be that way.  My running coach and good friend said that I simply took a break, and now the break has to be over.  My break is officially over!!!

When it comes to hair goals, I know I need to keep it simple or I will not be able to make them happen.  As my hair has gotten longer, I've managed to get overwhelmed quite easily with the task of maintaining it.  Simple things aren't always so simple with my hair and I'm sure someone out there can relate.  Sometimes I just despise the process of doing my hair...and that's just the plain truth!  Don't get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE my hair...absolutely LOVE this hair of mine and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Sometimes I wish I could cut it off and rock my almost fade again...who knows, I might venture down that path again in the future.  I've seen some hot TWAs lately and I wish I knew how to do something other than a puff when I went through that stage.  But my main hair goal is to be consistent with my hair...I think that is what gets me down sometimes with my hair.  In 2009 when I first became a healthy natural, I would consistently co-wash my hair Wednesdays and Sundays...even if I was having a great hair day!  It pained me to do it, but my hair really thrived with this routine.  I really want to get back to that.  My problem today is that, when I'm having a good hair day, I don't want to mess it up.  I want to make it last (that's going to be a whole 'nother post!) and that isn't always the best thing for my hair.  I'm going to take some time to really listen to my hair because the longer it gets the more attention it needs and I've gotten away from that.  Sunday will be my pamper day...if I stay in the house I'm going to be deep conditioning and that's all there is to it!  No matter how it looked the day before, even if I'm rocking the fiercest twist out ever in life I'm still going to deep condition it.  Why?  Because I love my hair and I know it needs it :)  Long hair isn't always a walk in the park, next to the ocean breeze, under a clear sky, with a cherry on get where I'm going?  It takes work and by golly I'm going to work for my hair.  This WILL be my best hair year ever...just watch and see!

Styling and products will be on the list too.  I have so many products to go through it's not even funny...I have been product hoarding.  I have a fear/phobia that I would use up something before realizing how to really use it and then not have it anymore.  I know it's silly but that's really how I feel.  This weekend, while my wonderful Texans beat the crap out of Cincinnati in their first playoff run (GO TEXANS!!) I will be compiling all, and I do mean ALL of my products, on my living room floor.  You must start with admitting you have a problem, and this will be my confession.  And yes, I will share my beautiful dark twisted addiction with y'all, just please don't laugh!  I will be listing (back to my lists again) all of the products I have, the ones I've used and the ones I've yet to use, and will organize and start using them...I will not be afraid!  Matter of fact, I will probably have to record this because it's going to be EPIC!

I've also got to start experimenting with new styles and fashion too!  What better than a new year to cultivate a new style sense.  I'm a voyeur, an observer, and my eyes are always open.  Not to say that I'll always be pushing the envelope, but I just won't be scared to take a peek over the ledge :)  I tried quite a few new and different hair styles that I wouldn't have imagined in the years prior.  I'm actually envious (yep, I said it) of the ladies I've been watching on YouTube and blogs that come up with all these creative styles.  I'm not calling anybody out on this post, but I will make a post of some of my HAIRspirations so y'all can be envious too...yep, I said that too!  Bantu knot outs, flexi rod sets, finger  coils, perfecting flat twists, braided/twisted updos...these are just a few of the styles I want to do this year.  I've been a nail polish junkie too so I'm going to make an effort to do my nails weekly too...just call Sunday my "Pretty Pamper Me" day :)

I don't know how this "intended to be simple hair goals for 2012" post grew into such a gargantuan, mammoth, mega rant but I think I need to get back to this.  This blog, when I first started it, really soothed my soul and I think I had gotten away from that.  So if you see me rambling pay me no mind...if you want to add to my ramble please feel free!  This blog is a place for everyone to be themselves, no judgement passed.  With that being said, I hope everyone has a great Friday, a wonderful weekend, and a fantastic 2012!

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